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Why Donate?

Our all-volunteer fire department and first aid squad stands ready to serve you, your family, and your neighbors 24/7. Your support is crucial to ensure we can continue to provide this vital service.

Foster a Safe Community

When you donate to our volunteer fire department and first aid squad, you're investing in the safety of your community. Your donation helps us maintain state-of-the-art equipment, provide training, and ensure our volunteers are always ready to respond swiftly and effectively. Supporting us means keeping Bernardsville safe.

Keep Our First Responders Ready

Our volunteers dedicate countless hours to training and responding to emergencies. Your donation helps cover expenses such as protective gear, medical supplies, and maintenance for our vehicles. This support ensures that our dedicated volunteers can continue to serve the community each and every day.

Tax Deductible Contributions

Donating to our volunteer fire department and first aid squad may also have financial benefits for you. Your contribution is tax-deductible, which can provide you with potential tax savings.